OM C. Parkin

A Spiritual Master from Germany

There is no place but Here.
Thoughts transmit the deception of time. 
The body transmits the deception of space.
But there is only Here! *)

OM C. Parkin is a spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, mystic and teacher of the Enneagram. On August 6, 1990 he had an experience that ended “his life“: He encountered death. Many people report about far-reaching changes set off by such a radical experience. So does OM.

Since 1995 Cedric Parkin, who was given the name OM by Shri Poonja, has passing on the knowledge of the Absolute through dialogues in Being (Darshan), retreats and workshops. More than almost any other teacher OM C. Parkin embodies the east meets west of spirituality, the merging of the pearls of eastern wisdom (Indian Advaita) with western, Christian mysticism, as well as with modern western psychology, the knowledge of the psyche, the thinking mind.

In vivid dialogues with OM on the occasion of Darshans, public lectures  and  inner work many seekers explore who they really are by asking him the most urgent questions on the spiritual path. His answers are brilliant and precise. In his inimitably direct and at the same time warm-hearted way, he accompanies and supports people while working their way through the limitations and conditionings of the thinking mind.   

Unceasingly OM relates to the true nature of man – the Self.  Due to his knowledge of the human psyche, his long-term experience in using the Enneagram of the Character Fixation for Inner work and above all his intuition paired with perspicacity, Om is able to meet the seeker exactly at that point of the path where he or she is at the moment. He leads the seekers inwards.

Besides giving Darshans and lectures OM’s work comprises also the activities of “Born to be”.


For further information concerning OM and his work, his projects as well as a wide selection of texts, articles and interviews, please visit OM’s website.

*) Quotation from OM C. Parkin