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Who is advaitaMedia?

Welcome to advaitaMedia, the publishing house specialising in high-quality books about spirituality.

We offer you an extraordinary assortment of wisdom literature written by spiritual authors from a range of cultures and traditions across different periods, whose perspectives serve as an inspiration accompanying you on your journey towards your inner Self.

Most of our books are published in German, but we also have some very good translations into other languages, which we give you access to on this website.

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The registered office of our publishing house

…. is in the modern Monastery Gut Saunstorf – Place of Stillness in Northern Germany. People come here who long for silence and contemplation or who are looking for a new direction in life. It is the place of the spiritual master OM C. Parkin and his disciples who operate and animate the modern monastery as a community.

With the establishment of the non-profit OM Foundation Inner Science, the publishing house has another powerful initiative behind it. More information on the activities and the purpose of the foundation, which advaitaMedia naturally serves, you can find at

We hope you enjoy browsing and discovering.

“True spirituality is science, religion is faith.”

OM C. Parkin

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Here you will find all our recent books.

Our Latest Highlights

Intelligence of Awakening

Intelligence of Awakening – Navigating the Wisdom Path

OM C. Parkin

Gateways Books & Tapes, 2019

This book illuminates the path to liberation for those who turn inward, beyond the boundaries of religious denominations, and rise above the attachments in life in order to attain knowledge of their true nature. The foundation of this path is laid out in five chapters: The Study of the Mind, Understanding Suffering, The Nature of the Inner Path, Teacher & Student and The Ten Ox Pictures.

The Myth of Enlightenment

OM C. Parkin

An Interview with OM C. Parkin

advaitaMedia 2018 (First Edition 1996)

An introduction to non-teaching, the essence of Advaita. The collective enlightenment confusion is destroyed. Enlightenment is not in the future, enlightenment is NOW!

Das erwachen des schlafenden Elefanten Cover
The digital age

The Digital Age – A Critical View from a Wisdom Perspective

OM C. Parkin

The Lostness of the Soul in the Digital Age

Published 2018 by: Gateways Books and Tapes, Nevada City CA

This little book describes a tragic misunderstanding and its consequences. This misunderstanding has its roots in the limited state of consciousness of the founding fathers of the digital revolution and it continues in many of its enthusiastic supporters.

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