Wisdom from Stillness

Welcome to advaitaMedia, the publishing house specializing in high-quality books about spirituality.  

We offer you an extraordinary assortment of wisdom literature written by spiritual authors from a range of cultures and traditions across different periods, whose perspectives serve as an inspiration accompanying you on your journey towards your inner self. Of course, most of our books are published in German and some very good translations to which we give you access on this website.

It is our aspiration to publish high quality literature from all major traditions. We are passionate about re-issuing outstanding spiritual books which disappeared long ago from the market due to no longer being economical for big publishers to issue a new edition or to store it in the long term. We publish books of foreign-language authors scarcely known in Germany. The general themes of advaitaMedia include mysticism in world religions, spiritual quest, the Inner Path, the Fourth Way, the relationship between spiritual teacher and student as well as the Enneagram teachings. 

The seat of our publishing house is the Modern Monastery Gut Saunstorf - Place of Stillness in Northern Germany. People come here who long for silence and contemplation or who are looking for a new direction in life. It is the place of the spiritual master OM C. Parkin and his disciples who operate and animate the modern monastery as a community.

With the establishment of the non-profit OM Foundation for Inner Science, the publishing house has another powerful initiative behind it. You can find more information on the activities and the purpose of the foundation, which advaitaMedia naturally serves, at: