The Digital Age – A Critical View from a Wisdom Perspective

The Lostness of the Soul in the Digital Age 

Published 2018 by: Gateways Books and Tapes, Nevada City CAPrice: 17,50 €

This little book describes a tragic misunderstanding and its consequences. This misunderstanding has its roots in the limited state of consciousness of the founding fathers of the digital revolution and it continues in many of its enthusiastic supporters. “They are all subject to a serious confusion of internal/external levels.” The book presents a dialogue with students (some working in the computer industry themselves or professionally dealing with digital media), which emerges from this statement. 

OM C. Parkin

OM C. Parkin

OM C. Parkin is a wisdom teacher, mystic and inner scientist. He is the founder and director of the mystery school Enneallionce - School for Inner Work and the modern monastery Gut Saunstorf - Place of Stillness.

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