OM C. Parkin

Wisdom Teacher, Mystic, Inner Scientist
Founder and Director of an International School for Inner Work

As a spiritual master of the Silent Tradition, OM knows how to unite the Western and Eastern streams of wisdom teaching. The radicality of his work, of his teaching and his serving the awakening path of the human being, is rare and precious in the present time. The encounter with OM deeply questions what you are not and lets you fall into what you have always been.

OM shares his realisation of the Absolute in the form of talks on Being (Darshan) and Inner Work, as well as in lectures and as an author. He is the initiator of the OM Foundation Inner Science and the publishing house for wisdom literature advaitaMedia, the founder and director of the mystery school Enneallionce – School for Inner Work and the modern Monastery Gut SaunstorfPlace of Stillness.

Several years of studying academic psychology did not provide him any real insight into the nature of the human being. More fruitful for him, however, was being with his Sufi teacher. Later he started studying the teachings of the Enneagram in oral tradition. Due to a serious car accident in 1990, he crossed the threshold of death at the age of 27 and awakened ego-less into the reality of the nondual Absolute. His spiritual teacher Gangaji, whom he met shortly thereafter, supported him in integrating his fundamental transformation, which completely exploded the everyday world of experience. She pointed him to her advaita teacher H. W. L. Poonja, a direct disciple of Ramana Maharshi, who gave him the spiritual name OM and inspired his teaching from his insight into the absolute Reality of Advaita.

Thus, OM C. Parkin’s spiritual teaching of the Silent Tradition on the one hand is based on the Eastern advaita tradition (teaching of non-duality, whose most famous representative in the West is Ramana Maharshi), as well as on the Integral Yoga taught by the Indian sage Aurobindo Ghose; on the other hand his teaching is based on Western paths of experience (e.g. Christian mysticism, Georges I. Gurdjieff: The Fourth Way). He as well uses modern psychological-psychotherapeutic methods in his teaching, which he also calls Inner Science. The goal is Self-knowledge through Inner Work, which ultimately leads to the realisation of the true nature of the human being.

He himself says: “In the innermost heart of the religions of the East (advaita, zen and others) we find the ripest fruits of the Philosophy of BEING: The mystery of the dissolution of the world. The spiritual culture of the West has brought forth the knowledge of the evolution of consciousness – the Philosophy of Becoming. The highest teaching is the Teaching of Unification, which unites the paths of Love and Truth (Small Wedding) and BEING with Becoming (Great Wedding). Thus in the highest realisation unites that which has never been separate.” OM C. Parkin

OM C. Parkin

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