Dear Wisdom Literature Lovers,

to produce selected books from and in this quality is possible only with united efforts!

If you would like to help to publish a treasure of Perennial Philosophy of the last step on the mountain, we look forward to your participation. To follow together the heart’s desire to let further treasures of wisdom literature see the light of the world, that is our concern – do you feel addressed?

Here are some ways to make this happen in a very practical way:

Small or larger donation to the account of advaitaMedia GmbH or new simply via Paypal – any amount is welcome.
Book sponsorship – take over a part or the whole financing of a book project
Write reviews and put them on internet portals (e.g. Amazon, Bü, Thalia)
Involvement in PR activities (e.g., contacting bookstores, contributing, developing and implementing creative new ideas that promote networking and sales)
Production of EBooks
Editing and proofreading
Sharing the online store (for example, with a link in the email signature)
If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your team from advaitaMedia

Account details:
advaitaMedia GmbH
IBAN: DE72 4401 0046 0119 2414 61

Bank transfer with Paypal:

Data will follow soon – in process.

Link to our online store:

You can support us by linking to our online store. For this you can use the following banners e.g. for your eMail signature or your website (will follow soon here at the bottom of the page!) Just download them (right click, save image as) and paste them in your eMail signature or on your website and link to “” so that more visitors can get excited about our selection of spiritual literature.

Who are you? Are you ready to make the experience for one moment to simply be?
Without effort. Without holding on, without letting go.
To be what you are without knowing how.

OM C. Parkin

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